Monday, June 20, 2011

Reaching Out

I'm reaching out to anyone who has enjoyed, the Crocheting Facebook page, and this very blog. Due to my Great Aunt's sudden death, I haven't been around to really work on the site or promote it and as a result the amount of people coming to the site dropped significantly. The website is paid for by the moneys earned from the advertisement go to pay for the website. Therefore, if no one goes to the site, no money from the advertisements is earned. I cannot afford to pay the massive hosting bill myself each month due to being disabled and unable to work, having a 1 yr old daughter, and my husband's job hardly paying enough for us to survive (but we get by) so I depend on the earnings from the advertisements to cover the costs of the site. I'm reaching out to you again for help. Thank you for all of you who helped us last month. There was some additional money donated last month that I have placed towards this month's web hosting bill. The final balance left is $37 that I need to come up with before the end of the month. If you could spare even just a dollar (search the couch cushions LOL)it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance to all the hearts that reach out to us and help keep alive. Much love to you all!


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