Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crocheting: Young and Trendy

When you hear the word crochet, what do you picture? The majority of people who don't crochet imagine an elderly person sitting around their living room with a hook and yarn.Thought to be a lost art, more and more young people are being drawn into the world of crochet.

I personally began crocheting at the age of 25 in the fall of 2010. I had always wanted to learn but I had no one to teach me so I just gave up on the idea. After having my daughter in mid-April of that year I decided I wanted to learn after reading a blog that linked to the website RoxyCraft. I was amazed by what you could do with crochet! Crocheting was much more then hats, scarves, blankets, and sweaters! With the right amount of skill and creativity or the right pattern you could crochet whatever you could dream up! 

On a future trip to Wal-Mart, I picked up a book on how to crochet. It was confusing at first but I took to it very quickly. I was so proud of myself and the things I was making so I began to post pictures of the projects on my personal Facebook so all of my friends could see. Mostly I just made cute hats for my daughter, a pumpkin for Halloween, a reindeer for Christmas, and an owl after that... I soon had friends offering me money to crochet them all sorts of different hats. I was hooked! Not only was crocheting relaxing and fun but it was also financially rewarding. 

It wasn't long before my friends were wanting to learn how to crochet themselves. I pointed them to various sources I had discovered on the internet as well as the book that I had purchased at Wal-Mart. Just a few weeks ago my friend who just taught herself how to crochet this winter had posted a Hello Kitty tote bag that she crocheted for one of her friends. 

Recently, I stumbled upon the book called Twinkie Chan's Crocheted Goodies for Fashion Foodies and I just had to buy it. This young and very talented artist compiled some of her very best and trendy crochet patterns that all ages can appreciate. It just goes to show you that crocheting is catching on in the younger generations and luckily is an art that will continue to be here for centuries to come. As soon as my daughter is old enough, I will have her joining her mommy crocheting beautiful works of art!


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