Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My first memory of crocheting was playing with some yarn, and my mother teaching me how to make a single crochet. I didn't know that is what I was doing then. I would sit and just work on that one stitch, and in my head I would pretend that I was going to make all these really great things. I would repeatedly make a chain then pull it out, make another chain and pull it out. Eventually, as I got older and was probably 12 when I started bugging my mother to teach me something else. So we went to Wal-mart and picked out this Multi-Colored Yarn that had matched my cheerleading uniform. She taught me how to do the broomstick stitch. I began making my first blanket. I actually still have it tucked away in my closet. It has been through a lot since then. It is 13 years old and it looks worn but it was what soon started me towards a life of crocheting and yarn collecting. I never really finished the blanket, but years later I fastened it off and put it away because I didn't want anything to happen to it. Soon after I attempted to make a hat, but I couldn't read the pattern very well. My mom started helping me because I didn't understand it. but I never finished it. That was my first big mistake. I began a pattern of starting things, but never finishing them. As I got older, I would go out with friends and would crochet everywhere I went. They use to make fun of me because I would be in the midst of a party, and I would be in the corner crocheting granny squares. So now I still have bags full of granny squares and never put them together..:D I am 25 now and well I am so very glad my mother taught me the basics because without that I couldn't have taught myself to crochet. I have a little boy that was diagnosed with cancer last year and it really means a lot sometimes when we go into the hospital and someone hands him a crocheted hat, because I know that someone sat and took the time to care for someone besides themselves. This will be something that I will hopefully get the privilege of teaching my son and my daughter. Throughout all the years though it all starts back to my first blanket made so many years ago on my front porch.

- Britney Griffin


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