Monday, May 16, 2011

When and Why I fell in Love with Crocheting

I fell in love with crochet as a small child, watching my mother work her yarn.  I truly believed that she was a magician.  She turned a boring ball of yarn into something beautiful; an afghan, a scarf, a sweater.  As a child, I believed that MY mom was the only mom who could do that.  Shortly after my siblings were born, my mom stopped crocheting, and the magic was gone.  As I grew up, I forgot all about it.

It wasn’t until many years later that I was reminded of my love of crochet.  One Friday night, my best friend, Kat, came to my house SO excited to show me what she had learned the night before.  A friend of ours had taught her the basics of crochet: the chain and the single crochet.  Kat was in love.  She dumped her “bag of goodies” on my living room floor, and handed me a hook.  It was like the scene in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, when he holds his wand for the first time.  I honestly believe that I heard the Angels singing.  Kat showed me the basics, and I was hooked.  Har har.  The next day I went and bought more hooks, more yarn, more pattern books.  I scoured the internet to find free patterns and online tutorials.  The more I found, the more addicted I became. 

Now, I’m a full fledge yarn addict.  You can, quite literally, find yarn and WIPs (Work(s) In Progress) in every room of our house, including the garage, excluding the bathroom (I think …).  My son has a room full of Amigurumi animals, we have a closet full of crochet hats and scarves, afghans adorn our sofa and crocheted purses are leaking out of my closet.  I now give my creations as gifts for every occasion, and am asked, quite often, to create special things for people.  My goal is to eventually make it a career.  I want to share my love of crochet with as many people as I can.

My mother has since picked her crochet hook back up.  She makes beautiful baby layettes.  She calls me when she gets stuck with a pattern, and we work through it together.  I guess I’m the magic one now … J

-Christine Tartt


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