Monday, May 16, 2011

Reaching out for Help

I really hate to ask, but unfortunately we haven't raised enough money from advertisements to pay for next month's (June) hosting bill for If you could find it in your heart and are able to afford to do so is now reluctantly open to accepting donations. Even the smallest amount would be helpful. Thank you to those of you who are able to reach out and help. I will be doing my part by searching around the house for things to sell on EBay to raise the money. I don't want to see disappear. Thank you again.

Raised: $66.00 of $42.38

Thank you so much to our donators Marilyn, Mary, Nancy, Tricia, Sue, and Jennie!! We now have enough to pay the web hosting bill for June and some extra to put towards July's bill!! I can't thank you all enough!


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