Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I Love Crochet

Growing up with my Grandmother was sometimes lonely for me. There were no other siblings present I could spend time playing, acting mischief or even discussing our future dreams when growing older. Although my Grandma; bless her heart was loveable, she was strict to infinity. As a Teenager, I was not allow to be with friends my own age, God forbid dating…. This was out of the question. High School was fun, but I did not go to my Prom as she did not allow it.  I was taught to respect your parents and in a way I was afraid to revel. I guess my love for Crocheting began as a Frustrated Teenager growing up without any Freedom to just be a Teenager.  One day while shopping with Grandma at a Craft Store, I purchased a Filet and Lace Crochet Pattern Book and decided to teach myself how to crochet. My first project was a small Round Table Cover with a Pineapple Pattern using Cotton Thread. From this point on I was hooked to this Craft and have never looked back. I supposed the reason why I fell in love  with Crochet was the desired to escape my strict and boring Teenage life. Today my Love for Crochet still strong and continue to find new ways, techniques to improve my Craft. Keep on Crocheting!!!!

- Maria Rios


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